These are the terms and conditions of Smash Life UK Ltd in relation to mentoring.

A copy of our terms and conditions (or a link to this page) will be sent to you at the time of employment and we ask that you read them carefully before confirming a mentoring session/s with us. *Please note that a mentoring session cannot be secured without us having agreed terms in place (including but not limited to fees and timings – each agreement will be on a bespoke basis).

If you have any questions about anything on this page then please do not hesitate to contact us on


Please carefully read our terms and conditions document which applies to every mentoring session that Smash Life UK Ltd agree to take. All conditions apply to the mentor and/or the client.

Our terms and conditions have been designed to offer protection and peace of mind to all parties and to ensure the safety of the mentee, the client and the mentor/s.


The following definitions apply to these terms and conditions:

  • Smash Life UK Ltd (the company)
  • Mentor (the Smash Life mentor assigned to the case)
  • Company Management Team (members of the company or those appointed to work on their behalf)
  • Client (the person or organisation making the booking for the mentoring service)
  • Mentee (the person/s receiving the mentoring)

Mentoring Sessions

All Mentoring information will be kept and shared in a confidential way by all Smash Life staff and partnering organisations.

  • The Mentor / Mentee will arrive in the proposed agreed time/location before the first mentoring session and therefore afterwards each week for the duration of the mentoring support.
  • The Smash Life Mentors/ Mentees will be given an appropriate clearly lit, warm, confidential space if the mentoring support is to be carried out on a third party premises E.G. School/College/Residential Home/Educational Space.
  • It is understood that prior agreement / consent has been asked/given by each mentee before any Smash Life Mentoring takes place with them by the professional (s) carrying out the referral to our service.

Cancellation Policy

  • A minimum of twelve hours’ notice of cancellation is required via email/direct message/call to the mentor undertaking the agreed session. We have to be notified before we make the journey to the mentoring appointment location.
  • Notice of less than twelve hours will incur full payment of the session fee to cover all Smash Life staffing costs – which includes staff travel to and from the agreed premises of mentoring if a wasted journey is made by the mentor without them being notified of a mentees absence beforehand.

Lateness Policy

  • If the mentee is late for the session, the session will not be extended and will end at the appointed previously agreed time.
  • If a Smash Life mentor is late , additional time will be added to the session, or to a subsequent session

Mentoring Session Termination Policy

  • If Smash Life mentors are told by mentees that they have not agreed to the mentoring session prior to them taking place this will be recorded in the written report and sent to all relevant professionals for us to discuss and agree on an action moving forwards.
  • Smash Life mentors / company management team, reserve the right to terminate any mentoring sessions if they are subject to any form of abuse where they feel the risk to them or the mentee/public is too great for them to manage during the agreed sessions. This will be recorded in the written report and sent to all relevant professionals to revisit the level of risk and agree on an action plan for that mentee moving forwards.
  • If it is felt by the mentor that we are not the right service for the mentee to meet their needs at that time this will be recorded in the written reports and sent to all professionals for them to all to discuss the best solution moving forwards.

Attending Additional Meetings Policy

  • If Smash Life Mentors are asked to attend any additional meetings in regards to the mentee they are supporting we will have to charge an additional fee for these meetings to cover the staff members time.
  • If Smash Life mentors are being asked for their input into additional agency meetings please refer to the written reports written by Smash Life Mentors after each session. These are always sent to all the relevant professionals which clearly indicate the young person and mentors (professionals) voice which can be used and taken into these meetings with prior permission from the mentor. Please note physical attendance will be chargeable.