The Benefits of Life Story Work

  • Young People have a better understanding of who they are, where they have come from and why they may have been placed in the care system.

  • Promotes open and honest conversations around difficult topics in a safe space and with the support of a qualified life story worker.

  • Using creative and fun ways to pull all of the information together and into something the young person feels belongs to them and they have contributed to.
  • Helps build young people’s sense of self-worth and relationships with carers, professionals and those around them.

  • Young People have somewhere to place positive achievements, special memories and things that mean a lot to them all in one place.

  • Young people have something at the end of it that they can keep forever.
  • Young people aren’t on waiting lists waiting for this important piece of work to be done.

If you have a young person, you feel may benefit from some Life Story Work with a qualified Life Story Worker, then we would love to hear from you. you can get in touch now, by clicking the button on the right or HERE.

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Benefits of Smash Life Mentoring / Services

Our courses, mentoring and talks have had proven results for our young people in the following areas:

  • Driven down exclusion rates of young people in education.
  • Improved behaviour within education and home settings.

  • Promotion of a positive and healthy lifestyle – through exercise, good routines and a healthy diet.
  • Steering young people at high risk of criminal activity away from entering the Criminal Justice system – thereby reducing crime rates.

  • Providing Qualifications through mentoring to help Young People gain employment.
  • Helps to reduce anti-social behaviour in young people.
  • Providing positive metal health and diversions to reduce waiting lists within the mental health sector.

  • Maintaining Foster and Adoptive placements, saving local authorities costs and hours of crisis intervention.

  • Helps to keep young people safe and free from abuse.
  • Promoting positive diversions and building relationships with community organisations and businesses.


Reactions from some of our recent clients!

“A big thank you for helping so far on this absolute monumental journey I’ve been on: Anger, Emotions, and Positive vibes so again thank you so much”

Young Person, Mentee

Thank you for coming along and sharing your story with us all. Such a heartfelt speech that moved everyone in the room, and lots of really important information to take away.”

“Andy and Matt give so much to those they work with, they really are an inspiration to so many. Being able to relate to the young people they mentor through their shared life experiences gives the young people someone they can connect with openly. I would highly recommend Smash Life.”

Natalie Prudence, Elite Dance Studios

“Andy has a fresh delivery style to bring home the stark reality of young people in crisis and dwelling on his past experiences he provides many ideas on helping young people to get on the right path to make the best life choices they can. He is an inspiration to young people everywhere who are daunted by the challenges life brings them.”

Helen Ball , Shrewsbury Town Council Clerk

“Having heard Andy and Matt speak I was able to relate many of the things they said to me and to the young people I work with and could only hope the young people that I work with develop a tiny bit of insight that Andy and Matt have. Their talk and shared experiences show that young people do not need to be a victim of their past and hearing this first hand can only strengthen this belief with the young people they work with. The motivation, humour, honesty and frankness of the talk is moving and exhilarating. I felt a roller coaster of emotions listening but felt even more motivated to support the young people I work with. Since meeting Andy and Matt I have spoken to young people about them – shared their messages and views. Their words have stayed with me and I can relate their experiences to many different situations I come across in my role. I thought I knew a lot “looked after children” , care leavers, the system – but learnt more from this talk than any other course, training or from books.”

Kathryn Packer, Education Liaison Officer

“ Since I have seen you I am not arguing with the teachers, its good to know someone has been there and understands.”

Young Person, Mentee

“What a breakthrough……he has told you more than he would’ve shared with carers or me on the first meeting”

Social Worker, Shropshire Council

Andy has provided our most vulnerable students with support that they would not be able to access within school. His unique perspective on the issue experienced by LAC has enabled our students to feel secure, in particular during the stressful exam season. This is an excellent example of use of pupil premium funding.”

Teacher, Holy Trinity School - Telford

“I just want to say a massive thank you to Andy for the support I have been given. I can always know that no matter what mood I am in I will always come out of the session smiling. More people should be like this looking out for others.”

Young Person, Mentee

“Just had the most inspirational speech from these lads. Absolutely amazing and they should be very proud of themselves and their achievements”

Matthew William, Care Home Manager - Keys Group

“Our young people really value time with Matt. It’s their space. Their time. Time to express how they feel. Time not to be judged or made to conform. Time to be themselves”

Head Of Pastoral Care , The Priory School Shrewsbury

“…really looks forward to her sessions which is such a transformation – when ….has something to think about ….opens up with us here which is such a relief and …also feels reassured about things on her mind knowing ….can talk it over with Matt”

Parent, Mentoring Client

“These remarkable brothers suffered long term abuse, humiliation, degradation and shame at the hands of those entrusted with their care. Their life story is one of courage, resilience and determination.. Their promise to use yesterday and their commitment to each other today, is to be the change for children that they should have experienced. If you are looking for conference speakers, mentors for your children these chaps are going to be booked up very quickly after being invited for by the consortium for therapeutic communities to their first conference debut yesterday.”

Sarah Morgan, Specialist Advisor, Education and Childrens Social Care

“It was really good, he was really cool and I enjoyed the talk because Matt was funny, down to earth and really relatable, not like some teachers who just talk down to you”.

Pupil, Charlton Secondary School Telford

“I was lucky to hear Andy and Matt present earlier this year and their story must be one that has resonated with me the most. Ever. It has informed our practice at Sandcastle Care and we now weave our therapeutic web into colleges and schools offering trauma informed care training even further. Thank you Andy. Thank you Matt.”

Helen Barton , Head of Therapeutic Services at Sandcastle Care

“Incredible. Thank you for sharing your story and advice”

Christine Dunn, Professional

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