The Smash Life Inspirational Posters are available in 8 different designs, each one can be used as a tool to motivate, inspire and educate.

Posters are available to buy in two sizes: A1 (Large) and A3 (small)

A1 Price per poster is:  £10.00

A3 Price per Poster is: £5.00

All 8 designs can be purchased in a bundle at the following prices:

A1 Bundle: £70.00

A3 Bundle: £40.00

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Simply complete this form and let us know exactly what you'd like to buy, along with any sizing and we will get back to you with P&P cost, payment details and delivery time .

Who are Smash Life?

Smash Life is a child centred company focussed on providing support services to children, young people and professionals. These services include; Inspirational Talks, Mentoring, Group Work and Training / Consultation.