Do you provide reports?

Smash Life can also provide reports for an additional small cost for every session we work alongside the young person you refer to us. This is to cover our time to complete them after each session. This can to be shared after each session with the referer, professionals or organisations working alongside that young person. We believe here at Smash Life that communication between [...]

Can you liaise with professionals?

We are able to liaise with other professionals working with young people so that information is shared professionally, securely and appropriately. Time permitting we are also happy to attend professional meetings to plan and discuss the progress of the child / young person but please understand if we can not do this as this is not factored into the overall mentoring costs for our [...]

What is the recommended time allowed for mentoring?

You can book the Smash Life Mentoring in blocks of one hour sessions for a minimum of ten sessions. This allows time to build up a trusting relationship with the young person in order for them to move forward, to overcome some of the obstacles that they may be facing (having either been identified in the initial referral or as a result of the [...]

What’s different about your service?

In our experience many young people often ask professionals “What do you know?” this is where our service differs from others as we have lived a life within the care system and without a mum and dad for the majority of our lives. Combined with our professional experience and qualifications we are able to offer that shared life experience and offer advice and guidance based [...]

How does your mentoring work?

Our Smash Life Mentoring is completely UNIQUE! we use a mixture of personal and professional experiences to engage, empower and raise aspirations. We like to be creative to make each session engaging and working with the children and young people we identify quickly what makes them comfortable to talk about their thoughts and feelings. Our Shared Life unique Mentoring Scheme is able to provide a [...]

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