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Overcoming life's hurdles together!


Please send us a message by filling in the contact forms on this website stating the date , location of your event, the length of time for the talk and who the audience will be. You will then receive a reply from Smash Life stating if they are available or not along with a quote.

For maximum impact, it is advised that you book the Smash Life brothers jointly. We are able to take bookings separately for talks at events if one of us is not available.

A Smash Life talk covers a whole range of topics and emotions. As well as having a positive message at its core a Smash Life Talk touches on:

  • Resilience and how we can all build resilience and self care through advice and techniques offered.
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s).
  • Complex Trauma and Trauma and its impact.
  • Attachment.
  • Physical and emotional childhood abuse.
  • Parenting; Responding to behaviour.
  • Foster Carer / Adoption: Helping cares and parents understand children and young people you will love and care for.
  • A life in Care
  • A Tale of two placements in care….From an abusive placement to a therapeutic placement.

*Please note due to the content of this talk and the fact it is powerful and touches on a range of sensitive subjects a gentle fore warning for your audience is advised as it can stir a range of emotions in others listening to it. 

You can book a Smash Life talk for the following time slots:

  • 50 minutes
  • 1 hour 15 minutes

The quote given to you or your organization will reflect this. Please state in your booking correspondence how long you wish the talk to be ( we can be flexible and adjust the time of our Smash Life talk to cater for your event).

* For schools, we have found that talks to smaller groups have had more impact  with a chance to reflect, participate in group work and take part in an interactive quiz based on our talks. This encourages more interaction and focus on encouraging talking and participation. 


Due to the adult content and hard hitting nature of the talk, we advise that audience members are aged thirteen years old and above. We would also recommend that in schools a safeguarding lead should be present. We encourage staff to be vigilant in looking for reactions as our talks may resonate with some young people.

In order for us to deliver the best possible Smash Life talk we would require the following to be provided:

  • Projector screen (for video and presentation of imagery).
  • 2 x lapel microphones or handheld microphones so that your audience can hear us (especially for large conferences or rooms).
  • Technical assistance on the day so that we are able to turn up and plug our presentation in via USB stick and have backup if a technical problem occurs whilst we are on stage.

Yes. We are used to traveling across the UK and abroad to deliver our talks. Please notify us of the venue location during the booking stage.

Please note that if your venue requires us to travel three hours and over, we will factor accommodation and travel expenses within your quote. This will be discussed within the booking stage.

Our Smash Life Mentoring is completely UNIQUE! we use a mixture of personal and professional experiences to engage, empower and raise aspirations. We like to be creative to make each session engaging and working with the children and young people we identify quickly what makes them comfortable to talk about their thoughts and feelings.

Our Shared Life unique Mentoring Scheme is able to provide a bespoke child-centred service utilising life experience and qualified positive role models to help with the following:

  • Managing Feelings
  • Talking about feelings
  • Confidence Building
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Create a connection through a positive role model
  • Information Advice and Guidance
  • Family Breakdowns
  • Anti-Social Behavioural Issues

We can provide mentors who have a mixture of personal and professional life experience which is so powerful in terms of making a connection, building trust. By showing our vulnerability we make young people feel like they are not alone and as a role model show how important it is for us all to talk and share our feelings in order to create a positive future.

We have already been able to establish positive connections and relationships where we have been able to “capture the voice” of the young person which has enabled other services and professionals working with the child / young person to adapt their approach ensuring we are all working together with the same aims to help children and young people “overcome life hurdles together”.

We work with children and young people between the ages of 8-19.

In our experience many young people often ask professionals “What do you know?” this is where our service differs from others as we have lived a life within the care system and without a mum and dad for the majority of our lives.

Combined with our professional experience and qualifications we are able to offer that shared life experience and offer advice and guidance based on real life and not just from a text book. We find that this resonates with young people because we as adults are able to open up to them they in turn open up to us.

Smash Life is also creative on its approach to mentoring and getting young people to open up. It is limiting to just sit in a room and ask a young person to just “talk about it” and this can be oppressive for some young people.

By bringing sport, music, games, walks, and trips to the Mentoring we have found they create better results and the young people actually enjoy and look forwards to the sessions. Please check out the various testimonials that you’ll see around the website written by young people Smash Life have mentored.

We at Smash Life are passionate about capturing the young persons views and voice as this is something that is very often missed by professionals and organizations. Our mentoring is driven by their agenda and their voice, after all it is their lives we are seeking to improve.

You can book the Smash Life Mentoring in blocks of one hour sessions for a minimum of ten sessions. This allows time to build up a trusting relationship with the young person in order for them to move forward, to overcome some of the obstacles that they may be facing (having either been identified in the initial referral or as a result of the young person opening up to us).

We are able to liaise with other professionals working with young people so that information is shared professionally, securely and appropriately. Time permitting we are also happy to attend professional meetings to plan and discuss the progress of the child / young person.

Yes we can provide reports or session logs to you from our mentoring sessions with the young people that you refer to us.

We are able to offer group work. This can be a great way to engage more than one young person or professionals that you feel would benefit from a hard hitting Smash Life talk.

We can make this an interactive experience by combining our talk with a prize winning quiz as well as a safe space for thoughts, questions and discussion afterwards.

An opportunity to meet the Smash Life brothers and talk one to one with them can also be offered after any group work. We have found that young people feel more comfortable away from their peers to talk to us which we understand and promote.

We can be very flexible and are happy to discuss these options with you during the booking stage.

We are constantly being asked questions by professionals and organizations on how they can improve their practices/services to meet the needs of young people and this is something we are happy to answer.

We are able to be that independent third party who can:

  • Impartially interview young people to obtain their views.
  • Visit / stay at one of your care homes to get a feel of the environment and provide feedback/ recommendations to you.
  • Meet with your staff to get their honest views and opinions (as this isn’t always captured by management for fear of reprisals).
  • Meet with you to discuss ways in which you can move your service forwards so it has the needs of young people at the forefront of its agenda. 

Consultation is charged via an hourly rate so please specify during the booking process what outcome you are looking for.

Yes we have and enhanced DBS and this can be shown to you and your organization. 

Yes Smash Life is fully insured with the following cover:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability 

Please ask if you require copies of the insurances at the booking stage.

Any sustained work agreed with us and a third party will result in us sending out a contract/ service level agreement which both parties will have to sign and agree to.

You will receive an invoice for any work carried out by Smash Life from our accounts team to your contact or e-mail address. Full payment would normally be required within fourteen days of issue.