We are able to offer group work to young people and staff teams all over the UK. This can be a great way to engage more than one young person or professionals that you feel would benefit from a hard hitting Smash Life talk. What makes this unique is our delivery, humour and ability to connect and talk to young people/staff about an array of issues that might also be relevant to them and their individual or collective worlds.

We can make this an interactive experience by combining our talk with a prize winning quiz as well as a safe space for thoughts, questions and discussion afterwards. We have been booked by schools, charities and care homes to deliver one of our talks combined with activities afterwards which reiterates the key messages we try to get across within them. By using traditional youth work methods which involve fun activities to stimulate and engage our audience we have found that the mediums of music, sport, games and activities really make it a rewarding and fun for everyone.

An opportunity to meet the Smash Life brothers and talk one to one with them can also be offered after any group work. We have found that young people feel more comfortable away from their peers to talk to us which we understand and promote. Our unique life journey and open and honest stories shared from that enables us to relate and engage with the most hardest to reach young people. By showing our vulnerability we create an environment that allows others to feel comfortable to open up and share who they are, what challenges they face and who they wish to be.

We can be very flexible, creative and are happy to discuss all these options with you during the booking stage.