We are constantly being asked questions by professionals and organizations on how they can improve their practices/services to meet the needs of young people and this is something we are happy to answer.

We are able to be that independent third party who can:

  • Impartially interview young people to obtain their views.
  • Visit / stay at one of your care homes to get a feel of the environment and provide feedback/ recommendations to you.
  • Meet with your staff to get their honest views and opinions (as this isn’t always captured by management for fear of reprisals).
  • Meet with you to discuss ways in which you can move your service forwards so it has the needs of young people at the forefront of its agenda. 

Consultation is charged via an hourly rate so please specify during the booking process what outcome you are looking for.

If consultation is not what your service or staff need please be aware that we can come into your organisation and deliver training or provide one of our Smash Life talks which includes key messages and theory when working with vulnerable young people. Please email us and we can discuss any training or talk content to meet your needs.