We are able to liaise with other professionals working with young people so that information is shared professionally, securely and appropriately. Time permitting we are also happy to attend professional meetings to plan and discuss the progress of the child / young person but please understand if we can not do this as this is not factored into the overall mentoring costs for our service. We can however if you make us aware of any meeting that concerns the young people we work alongside capture their voice or opinions and send that as part of our report to be fed into these meetings. We are fully aware having grown up in the care system ourselves that it can be very intimidating for young people to attend meetings with lots of other professionals in attendance.

Smash Life also provide reports for an additional small cost for every session we work with alongside the young person in our mentoring. This can to be shared with the referer, professionals or organisations working alongside that young person only. We believe here at Smash Life that communication between professionals is very important for sharing positive outcomes, concerns and so that everyone is aware of the work being done by all parties.