I want to follow Smash Life on social media, what platforms are you on?

We are on most of the popular social media platforms and we are happy for you to follow our adventures!  Simply click on any of the social media links that you find here on the site. Our social media platforms are also a good resource to share with young people as let’s be honest they are glued to their phones and can look at [...]

How does payment work?

You will receive an invoice for any work carried out by Smash Life from our accounts team to your contact or e-mail address. Full payment would normally be required within fourteen days of issue.

Can you send a service level agreement or contract to me?

Any sustained work agreed with us and a third party will result in us sending out a contract/ service level agreement which both parties will have to sign and agree to. This will outlined the agreed terms of our partnership and the expected roles/work to be carried out by both parties and can be referred to during our working relationship if needed. [...]

Are you insured?

Yes Smash Life is fully insured with the following cover: Public Liability Employers Liability  Please ask if you require copies of the insurances at the booking stage.

Do you have an enhanced DBS check?

Here at Smash Life HQ we are passionate about safeguarding vulnerable young people , the very people we work with and come into contact with on a day to day basis. We think its great when organisations have robust safeguarding policies after all we all have the same aim - to keep young people safe. All Staff at Smash Life have an enhanced DBS [...]

How would consultancy work for an organization?

We are constantly being asked questions by professionals and organizations on how they can improve their practices/services to meet the needs of young people and this is something we are happy to answer. We are able to be that independent third party who can: Impartially interview young people to obtain their views. Visit / stay at one of your care homes to get a feel [...]

What group work can you offer?

We are able to offer group work to young people and staff teams all over the UK. This can be a great way to engage more than one young person or professionals that you feel would benefit from a hard hitting Smash Life talk. What makes this unique is our delivery, humour and ability to connect and talk to young people/staff about an array [...]

Do you provide reports?

Smash Life can also provide reports for an additional small cost for every session we work alongside the young person you refer to us. This is to cover our time to complete them after each session. This can to be shared after each session with the referer, professionals or organisations working alongside that young person. We believe here at Smash Life that communication between [...]

Can you liaise with professionals?

We are able to liaise with other professionals working with young people so that information is shared professionally, securely and appropriately. Time permitting we are also happy to attend professional meetings to plan and discuss the progress of the child / young person but please understand if we can not do this as this is not factored into the overall mentoring costs for our [...]

What is the recommended time allowed for mentoring?

You can book the Smash Life Mentoring in blocks of one hour sessions for a minimum of ten sessions. This allows time to build up a trusting relationship with the young person in order for them to move forward, to overcome some of the obstacles that they may be facing (having either been identified in the initial referral or as a result of the [...]

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