Directors Andy & Matt were in London delivering a Keynote talk for teachers, designated teachers and professionals at the
Ealing Council Virtual School Conference.
It was lovely to deliver a “Through the eyes of a child in care” talk to remind everyone of the realities many children that are suffering in life face – challenges we face and STILL see – beyond the school gates which will in fact affect their education – it’s SO important that the children feel that they belong and are cared for so they can THRIVE.
Thank you Karen from AC Education for giving us a platform to inspire and give some key messages that we both believe will transform our educational system from a punitive system to a more relational one. We are very fortunate in our roles that we are able to observe practice and approaches in schools and although we see and celebrate some amazing practice daily it’s still important especially with all the science, knowledge & training available that we challenge not shame and help educate and change some mindsets so people can “lead from the heart” and see the real benefits of a relational approach.
We are all in this together. The future of our children, their hopes, dreams and aspirations depend on our collective trauma informed approach. Always think “what would we want for our own children?”
We will continue to obtain the voice and experiences of many children through our mentoring service – we are able to capture real thoughts and feelings due to having a connection based on mutual trust and a caring approach – many children just want to feel CARED for and a sense of belonging – only then will they realise their potential
Remember “connection before correction”
“Overcoming Life’s Hurdles Together”