Directors Andy & Matt travelled to Chesterfield to deliver a talk / training to Fiver Rivers Childcare foster carers and team
We spent such a great few hours with some really child centred and committed foster carers who definitely lead from the heart.
Mixed with our lived experience, professional experiences / observations and what children tell our service on a daily basis through our bespoke mentoring service we were able to make the training fun, engaging and relevant to practice / care now. Education seemed to be a huge topic of discussion with many foster carers often feeling disillusioned with the vast mix of approaches and decisions made by educators particularly in the secondary school environments.
Often many foster carers need to hear that advocacy and being there for a child to help then navigate through life changing personal events and also educational challenges will be appreciated and will make the difference – children will never forget how you made them FEEL.
We really appreciate the feedback we received, for people to take the time to message and inform us about their experience makes us feel very proud and certainly validates our WHY
As we said at the training we are ALL in this together to ensure the best possible outcomes for children in care, to provide a platform for children despite their life experiences to believe and achieve, be a strong advocate and ensure the child feels safe, supported and listened to – that’s when we will ALL see the best versions of the child.
We are looking forward to delivering the training for foster carers in Birmingham at the end of may
Keeping #leadingfromtheheart everyone and let’s look at children and see the POTENTIAL not the label
“Overcoming Life’s Hurdles Together”