We are delighted to say we have created a Smash Life football team and we will be playing our first match on Monday 21/08/23
Wrekin College against a team we will announce soon.
Our team will be a mix of Smash Life staff, ambassadors and secondary school age children we support who are over the moon to be included. For many children this may be the first 11aside game they have ever played, the first time they have been part of a team and the first time they have worn a kit! We have designed a Smash Life kit which is on its way!
We KNOW the power of sport and how being part of a team can give someone a sense of belonging. We want to make this FUN and collectively make some fond memories for everyone to look back on!
Andy & Matt always think “what did we need when we were growing up in care?” And events, activities, clubs and memories like this would have been perfect for us – maybe it would have also helped us connect with adults and seen them as more human / less robot away from their role 🤔
We are delighted to say our very good friends Fish Heads will also be coming to ensure all the players are fed after the game!
We can’t wait – we know we have many coming to support and the opposition is one of our great friends who is doing amazing things in the world of social care – we will announce soon
“Overcoming Life’s Hurdles Together”