Smash Life is officially 4 years old

What an amazing 4 years it has been from registering the business with feeling of being nervous and excited – but it simply has been the best thing we have ever done!

Thanks to everyone who has supported, shared and believed! We are going from strength to strength and we are a service that radiates care and positivity that will never leave our DNA .

Thanks to our wonderful staff your are ALL amazing and as always have children at the centre of your practice…We manage these wonderful people by realising their potential, giving trust, listening, supporting and believing they CAN –  there’s no I in TEAm – we inspire and raise each other.

Running a business is tough you have to keep the energy and consistency going BUT we literally couldn’t imagine doing anything else let’s see what this next year brings – we are working on some really exciting partnerships, collaborations UK wide and the team is getting stronger – We are full of child centred Radiators because this is exactly what the children need.

Our SMASH LIVE events are also coming…this is going to be awesome!

Our message is clear – Do what you LOVE guys – life is short and you spend so much time working so ENJOY it – We couldn’t imagine doing anything else – we hope that SHINES through.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and seen the value we bring – we only deal with positivity so it’s been lovely to connect with some pretty amazing people .

YEAR 5 let’s goooooooo

Attack everything with positivity and look like you LOVE what you do – we are privileged to connect with some of the most valuable children

“Overcoming Life’s Hurdles Together”

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