We recently went on an incredible journey with a very special thirteen year old lady in the care system!

Unfortunately this young lady had lost her foster father who sadly passed away last year.

Smash Life were approached by a local authority looking for new and creative ways to engage and work alongside this young lady to overcome her grief.

We created a bespoke Smash Life Studio experience where this young lady went into a recording studio for the first time and recorded an original song she had written called; ‘My Missing Piece’.

Once we had completed that experience we were asked to work alongside this young lady to create a music video which was then played in front of hundreds of professionals at a recent professionals event in Shropshire .

This amazing young lady left us feedback which really moved us and made us very proud of her and the journey we had all been on..together.

Our new Smash Life Experiences brochure will be released soon – so if you dont think mentoring will work for some young people you support or work alongside this might be just what they need!

‘Overcoming Life’s Hurdles Together’