The brand new Smash Life Kickback video has now been released! Check it out Here!

Kickback! Is a Song written by Matt Smith (Smash Life) for anyone who has been abused, bullied, told they can not achieve their dreams or been through any trauma. For Years Matt & Andy Smith were left wondering why they had been abused by their foster carers, why they had received no answers from them or the professionals who had placed them there, and why they felt so much shame moving forwards in their life afterwards… A feeling felt by many survivors of abuse, bullying or trauma – Why Me?- What did I Do to Deserve all of this?

With time and reflection Matt and Andy realised they shouldn’t be carrying any shame or guilt as they were the child in that abusive situation – the adults around them should have acted but didn’t so both brothers were left with two people who instead of loving them (which is what they desperately needed) they emotionally and physically abused them over 8 years culminating in them both getting literally thrown out onto the streets at the ages of 15 and 16 by the abusive foster carers.

So many young people in and out of the care system blame themselves for the family situations they are innocently born into, especially when it goes wrong – when we need to all flip that internal script/dialogue and remind those people of their resilience and enormous strength – they are the child in the situation and childhood is fleeting and we as adults and services should be doing everything we can to ensure safe, happy and healthy homes. After all you wouldn’t want it happening to your own children would you? This song is for the abused , the downtrodden – use all the negative words people may have told you growing up to add fuel to your internal fire and passion – to prove them wrong. A fire that burns inside to better yourself and not seek short term revenge but become the best version of yourself, despite your past circumstances.

If Matt and Andy can do it despite their abusive childhoods – YOU CAN DO IT! We believe in you. ‘The Past is in your head, the future is in your hands.’ For all professionals working with young people – please use this free video resource to start conversations around resilience, trauma, bullying, motivation and aspirations with young people.