We recently trailed a brand  new wing of our business called ‘Smash Life Experiences’.

We received some funding from a local authority to work with a young person who had expressed an interest in going into the recording studio and create their very own track. The young person in question spent five weeks with two mentors who worked alongside and supported this young man to:

  • Write meaningful lyrics for his song
  • Understand music production, increase confidence
  • Record in a proper music studio
  • Choose music Sample for their track
  • Discuss and learn about music/song structure
  • Try a new activity
  • Meet new positive role models
  • Learn how to communicate their creative ideas with others
  • Push themselves out of their comfort zone
  • Be inspired!
  • Have Fun!
  • Encourage a positive diversion/hobby
  • Achieve something!
  • Have an end product of their own song
  • Discuss and learn about the music industry
  • Talk about musical career paths/courses
  • Research and find local community resources where they could continue pursuing their musical career

They were very happy with the final song they recorded and we are so proud of their achievements! We have already received some really positive comments which you can view in the image from professionals who supported this five week Smash Life Studio Experience process.

Big shoutout to our musical mentor Kev who mixed and mastered the track and worked alongside Matt to make this happen!

We will be releasing this new part of our Smash Life business very soon so if you think a young person will benefit from a Smash Life Experience get in contact with us ASAP as summer holidays are coming and some young people are often at a loss as to what to do! We will be offering music aswell as other experiences for young people to try for the very first time and learn new skills! Exciting times ahead!


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