We are delighted to unveil our brand new team smash life member Tim Allin, who will be working with us to mentor young people, deliver training events and talks and provide group work in schools across Shropshire/West Midlands! Here is a little information about Tim and why we are so lucky to have him as part of the team!

Tim had a challenging life growing up which started after he had a traumatic experience when he was around nine years old. From this experience sub consciously Tim started gravitating towards negative peer groups in the hope that others would be fearful of doing anything to hurt him ever again. Unfortunately, this led to many years of negative patterns of behaviours, poor lifestyle choices, associating himself with gang members and some elements of its lifestyle. This also led to further traumatic experiences.

After many hard lessons Tim was fortunate enough to meet a mentor who helped him heal from his experiences and show Tim a better way to live his life moving forwards. After going through this process Tim decided he wanted to do all he could to prevent people from experiencing the same lifestyle and making the same mistakes as he had done in his past.

Tim first become a youth worker supporting young people who found it difficult to attend any form of education. The project Tim was involved in concentrated on some of the underlying issues the young people faced and didn’t focus on pressuring them to attend mainstream education but worked with them to make learning an enjoyable experience that met their needs so they could achieve.

Tim then set his own project up working with young people who were involved in gang activity or anyone who was identified as high risk of entering this lifestyle. Having had lived experienced in this area Tim was able to engage, relate and pass on his valuable knowledge to those referred into the project. Tim also delivered training to professionals during this time as part of their CPD.

Due to moving areas Tim changed jobs and started working in residential children’s homes where firstly he became a care practitioner moving his way up to eventually becoming a registered children’s care home manager.

During this managerial role Tim missed working directly with young people until he had the opportunity to work for a project which used boxing a sport which is also one of Tim’s passions to engage young people needing something positive in their lives.

When Tim is not working he likes to spend time with his family and he enjoys boxing, fishing, and listening to music. Tim is currently learning how to produce music as he feels this is a positive way to educate/mentor young people through expression and creativity.