About Smash Life

Offering Inspiring talks, mentoring, group work and training to young people and organisations.

Founded by brothers Matt and Andy Smith who are determined to use their personal and professional experiences to help others in similar situations.

Andy & Matt Smith are brothers who were placed into the care system by social services and were abused by the very people they had hoped would be their loving new mum and dad between the years of 1990-1998.

After years of having to deal with the effects of their traumatic abuse the Smith brothers have turned their lives around and gone onto to have great success at university, employment, in various sporting teams, numerous music projects and in life.

Before all this success however life wasn’t all plane sailing, with both brothers experiencing lots of pent up anger, low self esteem, feelings of loneliness and suicidal thoughts originating from the abuse they had suffered during childhood. This culminated in brushes with the law, failed relationships, huge debt, violence, anxiety, depression, OCD and also impacted on the brothers own sibling relationship.

How did they find the resilience to turn such a negative experience in those early formative years to become the men they are today? What has made them want to dedicate their working lives to be the positive role models for other young people and families?

Offering their own inspirational talks to young people and organisations the brothers are able to give a unique insight of a real life lived within the care system as well as from a professional standpoint having had over 35 years professional experience between them. Touching on the hard lessons they have learnt and wanting now to pass onto others wanting to make a real difference.

Smash Life is an organisation founded by the brothers to offer mentoring, group work, inspirational talks and training to young people and professionals. Smash Life believe that despite what life may throw at you, you can turn your negatives into a positive and aspire to be the person you want to be – smashing life.Smash Life – Overcoming life’s hurdles together.